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Michelle Sandoval

For NM House District 57

My Story

I was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico and raised in Rio Rancho. I’m the oldest sibling of four and have two loving and amazing parents. I attended V. Sue Cleveland Highschool and graduated from UNM when I was twenty years old. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Minor in Psychology and am currently in the process of finishing my Master’s.


Why I’m Running

I am running because I believe in uniting people, bridging the gap between political parties, and operating as a servant of the people, not service to a political party. I love New Mexico and I love how much potential and growth opportunities we have, I love our community and how we can overcome any trials and tribulations we are put through together. I also want to be an advocate and a voice for young voters. Statistically, for the 2020 presidential election, voter turnout for voters aged 18 to 24 was only 52.4%. ( We all need to vote whether you’re 18 or 88. This is a democracy and we should be deciding for ourselves with our choices and our votes and not just letting those who show up do so. Voting together is the first step of us working together to solve the issues we are facing. 

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The following are the issues I intend to focus on should I win the seat.

Jobs and Economy



Public Safety & Public Health

Jobs and Economy

I believe in the free and open market to inspire citizens to create, open and operate small businesses without the burdensome taxes and oppression of overreaching government. Small businesses are the cornerstone of America and the driving force of our counties and cities. 

What will I strive to do?

  My goal is to fight for the working and middle-class citizens of my district by promoting lower taxes and small business advancement. I will support legislation that provides resources to our small businesses and policies that support small business growth and entrepreneurial development. I will help bridge the communication gap between Capital Outlay dollars and the communities of New Mexicans that can utilize it. I will also put forth my efforts to ensure we invest more in local businesses before we provide corporations in New Mexico tax breaks. 

New Mexicans deserve to start businesses, grow businesses, hire within the community and add value to our economy and legislatures should make that path easier not harder. 



The education of our children and future generations is one of the most crucial and important things we as a state can invest in. We are providing building blocks for our children’s future and teachers are the backbone of our children’s education. Without proper education advocacy we will stipend our state’s growth and will be committing an injustice to our children. 

What will I advocate for? 

New Mexicans have already started off great by changing the educator pay rates to livable wages with the 10k increase. I will continue to advocate for livable wages and proper treatment of our educators. We should also as a state consider that financial literacy is not in the curriculum, and we rely on organizations such as Junior Achievement to teach that. Civics, financial literacy and credit capacity are crucial for us to integrate into our curriculum as soon as possible. We also as a state need to budget accordingly and ensure our teachers, staff and school are equipped with the resources they need to teach and not expect teachers to be able to afford supplies out of their own pocket. 

I will work hard to ensure we are making changes across all ages from early childhood development to college age children, to ensure we are passing bills to brighten our state’s future. This is not a party issue and every representative should want to work hard, day in and day out, to provide our children, collectively, the best education.   


I have personally been across New Mexico to the National Parks to every forest and to almost every single lake. I love to camp, fish, hike, snowboard, paddleboard and I love to spend quality time with my family in the beautiful land we have the honors of calling home. That being said, we, as a state, are responsible for ensuring that we nurture and take care of it. The state absolutely needs to work on renewable energy transitions, but we also need to keep in mind that it is a timely process. 

How will I advocate for Sustainability and Renewable energy? 

Oil and gas are essential to the American economy and critical to the survival of New Mexico. Eliminating oil and gas without a proper transition plan and sustainable renewable technologies is irresponsible and premature. We must continue to move New Mexico environmentally and responsibly on a path to energy independence while investing in renewable technology. We need to be tactful and mindful as we work together to increase our solar, wind, water and hydrogen power energy and ensure the way we are doing so is bringing supplemental jobs for New Mexicans. The Energy Transition Act is a good example of a sustainable policy that also develops the workforce. I will work hard to ensure we budget for sustainable percentage changes and hold our state accountable for achieving it on an annual basis. I will also support our Department of Energy National Laboratories as they are key resources for energy technological advancement as well. 

We don’t need to eliminate our oil and gas industry completely to make incremental renewable energy advancements. This is also not a party issue. We all care about our state, about our land and about resources so we need to work effectively to make the right moves to do so.

Public Safety & Public Health

New Mexico continues to top the charts in crime rates, and we have not worked hard enough to slow the curve. Without a safe environment our economic development is hindered, our housing development and out of state tenants is hindered and we are hindered. When you park your car you shouldn’t go to sleep wondering if it is going to be broken into. When you send your children to school you shouldn’t fear whether they will be home for dinner or not. When you go to a store you shouldn’t have an overwhelming feeling of looking over your shoulder.

 What will I advocate and work on to improve public safety and streamline the justice system? 

First and foremost, we need to ensure that our officers and our front-line public safety workers are treated fairly, paid livable wages, and are appreciated for the work that they do. We need to ensure our justice system is funded appropriately at every single level. There should be little to no difference in our citizens’ ability to access resources or aid whether it’s city, county, or state public safety workers. I will also advocate for behavioral health tax, reform or some form of policy to ensure we are fighting crime before it happens. There is a “high percentage of people behind bars who are suffering from mental illness, drug addiction, or both, and without adequate treatment for their behavioral health issues these offenders will not recover and will probably reoffend again.” ( New Mexico courts also states that 90 percent of incarcerated offenders will be released back into the community. Of this 90 percent, 50 percent of offenders will return to prison within five years. We have the opportunity to fund and face issues at their roots. I will work to ensure we do so.

New Mexico is such a beautiful place to live, it is our job as New Mexicans and representatives to make sure it is also a safe place to live. 


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